Clarion School appoints SWISSCANONICA as school caterer

Clarion School appoints SWISSCANONICA as school caterer

After much research and many food tastings, Clarion School has appointed SWISSCANONICA as the new school caterer for the 2018-19 & 2019-20 school years. The deciding factor in the choice was the noticeable quality and taste of the food, which is fresh (cooked the same day) and served hot to the children in reusable containers.

SWISSCANONICA offers a nutritious and balanced menu that is designed to fuel the brain and satisfy young children throughout the school day. Each meal consists of a vegetable starter, protein based main course with a side dish, and finished with a healthy dessert. The food looks appealing – freshly cooked, home style meals designed for children; it is the right combination of healthy and delicious.

"At SWISSCANONICA, food quality is our key concern, which is why we place so much emphasis on our ingredients. In addition, we believe that healthy and nutritious food is especially important for growing children. Working closely with some of the best suppliers in Dubai, we offer high quality ingredients in all our meals, showing traceability of products and ensuring no GMO products will be used. Bringing together local and seasonal ingredients, our Chef has created an inspired menu that is both delicious and healthy.”

SwissCanonica is known locally as Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC and has been operating in Dubai since 2015. We offer high quality school catering services to multiple schools in Dubai, as well as running 3 units in Dubai Airport and offering private and corporate catering. One of the leading catering companies in Dubai, SWISSCANONICA has a strong reputation for providing quality food and dependable service. The local Dubai branch is part of the SwissCanonica Group, which has been running Food and Beverage operations in Geneva Airport since 1948.

Today, the SWISSCANONICA Group is active in airports across Switzerland, U.A.E. and the United States. SWISSCANONICA